YY Given University Award for Reduction in the Use of Animals in Research

RespiTech team member Dr. Hui Xin Ong (YY) was given the University of Sydney Award for the Reduction in the Use of Animals in Research.

Dr Hui Xin Ong (YY)

Dr Hui Xin Ong (YY)

This award promotes the replacement and reduction of animals in research and teaching, and is offered by the University as part of its commitment to the ethical principles of the Code. The award was for the promotion and use of bench-top in vitro epithelium models of the lung, which can be used to study new medicines for the treatment of diseases such as asthma, COPD and Cystic Fibrosis.

The selection panel agreed unanimously that Dr Ong’s application stood out both for its novelty and potential for immediate impact on the reduction of in vivo studies undertaken during the development stages of novel inhalable formulations, resulting in vast cost savings. 

The simplicity and robustness of these models provides tremendous benefits, especially during the early phases of research and development of novel molecular therapeutics.

You can learn more about YY's award here