SPIRITUS: (05-15) A Monthly update from the Respiratory Technology team at the WIMR

RespiTech Team at RDD 2015

This is our May 2015 update of news from the RespiTech group at the WIMR. This month, a few members of the team have traveled overseas to present at international conferences and meet with industry and academic collaborators. At the start of the Month, the team (Paul Young, Daniela Traini, Larissa Gomes Dos Reis, Valentina Trotta and Michele Pozzoli) attended Respiratory Drug Delivery-Europe in Nice. The group presented a number of papers at the conference and Paul co-chaired a session for new investigators. You can learn more about what was presented by reading the four page peer review abstracts available via the rddonline portal. Paul and Daniela went onto meet a number of industrial collaborators across Europe before meeting up with Wing Hin Lee and Judy Loo, attending ISAM (international society for Aerosols in Medicine) in Munich where Judy gave an oral presentation and Dany chaired a session. Of course, our RespiTech lego scientists managed to attend both Conferences also, and enjoyed networking, chairing sessions and even met up with a lego engineering group from Team Consulting at RDD!

Back at home, Mariam Mamlouk and Larissa gave presentations to the Department of Pharmacology, giving an overview of their PhD research plan. Mariam is working with CF patients to understand how diet influences the effectiveness of inhaled therapies while Larissa is developing novel inhalable systems for delivering vaccines.

Also this month, members of the group have been mentioned in the Media. Firstly YY officially received a prestigious award from the University of Sydney for for reducing animal testing. Details can be found here. Secondly, Sumit’s research was mentioned by the Australian Department of Education and Training. Details can be found here. Well done guys!

Lastly, the group have had a number of social events back in Sydney. Members of the group attended Sydney's Vivid Festival  and also hosted a dinner to say farewell to Isabella Martignoni, who returned to Italy to finish her degree.

The group are looking forward to June and the start of the Australia Winter Season. Wrap up warm!