SPIRITUS: (09-16) A Monthly update from the Respiratory Technology team at the WIMR.


This is the September 2016 newsletter from the RespiTech Group at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research.

At the start of September, Paul and Daniela visited the Institute for Biomedical Technologies at Auckland University of Technology to establish new collaborations. Paul gave a departmental seminar on “Innovation In Respiratory Technology At The Woolcock” and both had a chance to catch up with an old friend from their PhD days back in Bath. Around the same time Hui Xin Ong traveled to Kuala Lumpur where she gave an invited presentation at Pharma+Bio Asia 2016.

Daniela an Hui Xin received a grant from the Bosch Institute for a $13,000 rotary cell culture system. The system will be used by the group and researchers in the Bosch Institute to develop 3D cellular structures that can be used to realistically mimic complex cell structures. Continuing the 3D theme, the group invested in a new 3D printer this month. This is the second in-house system and expands the groups capability in terms of resolution and material choices. Specifically, this will give the group capability to print transparent devices, anatomical casts and devices using medically approved plastics.

Daniela, The Woolcock and the Italian Embassy also hosted the Italian Scientist Down Under Conference this month. The conference was for leading Italian Scientists within the region and was preceded by the the Chief Scientist of NSW and Science Attaché. Lastly but not least, the group celebrated Larissa’s birthday. October looks to be even busier, as we we have a number of initiatives underway and a number of exciting announcements to make.