SPIRITUS: (03-16) A Monthly update from the Respiratory Technology team at the WIMR.

This is the March 2016 newsletter from the RespiTech Group at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research. During March, a number of RespiTech people have graduated during official ceremonies in both Australia and Italy. Mali Ghadiri graduated with a PhD from the Faculty of Pharmacy at The University of Sydney. Valentina Trotta graduated with a PhD from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sydney and The Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Ferrara (Italy). Beatrice Zanelli graduated with a Bachelor in CTF (being awarded 110/110 cum laude). Many congratulations to all! This month we also celebrated Elvira’s birthday and the return of Dany from her overseas trip to Italy. You can learn more about social aspects of the group via our Facebook page and Twitter account (don’t forget to like and follow!)

As always we welcome new members of the group and say goodbye to old members and visitors. This month we say farewell to Regina Scherließ who has spent the last month with us on a short-term sabbatical from the University of Kiel. The visit was a great success and we have a number of new and exciting projects underway. Regina, you are always welcome back, hopefully on a longer sabbatical next time.

Lastly, we give an update on publications. This month the group had a paper accepted in RSC advances. The paper, authored by Sumit Arora is entitled “Investigation of surface properties, local elastic modulus and interaction with simulated pulmonary surfactant of surface modified inhalable voriconazole dry powders using atomic force microscopy.” Well done Sumit! You can learn more about our publications here.

Mali, Valentina and Beatrice graduations | March 2016