SPIRITUS: (11-16) A Monthly update from the Respiratory Technology team at the WIMR.

This is the November 2016 newsletter from the RespiTech Group at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research. November has been a busy month for the RespiTech group. Firstly, Daniela and Paul traveled to India to attend RDD Asia. Daniela presented a podium presentation on Innovation in therapeutics for the treatment of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis; basing her talk on some great tunes by Tina Turner, Tom Jones and The Beetles! Paul Chaired a session on the evolution and mechanics of spray formation from pressurised systems. Back at home the Group attended a conference on COPD, hosted by the Woolcock Emphysema Centre. Daniela and Hui Xin (YY) presented. 


Also this month, Prof Traini was given a Established Scientists Award. The award, presented by the Royal Society will see Daniela attend the Commonwealth Science Conference in Singapore during 2017. During November, Pharmaxis made a press release announcing their partnership with the RespiTech group at the Woolcock to undertake a clinical trial in CF using the Orbital device. You can learn more about this press release here.

Lastly we give an update of Journal publications from the group. Maliheh Ghadiri was the first author on a paper accepted in the Journal of Drug Targeting. The paper entitled "The effect of non-specific tight junction modulators on the transepithelial transport of poorly permeable drugs across airway epithelial cells" is part of a collaboration with Pharmaxis and the Woolcock Cell Biology Group. The second paper entitled " Resveratrol solid lipid microparticles as dry powder formulation for nasal delivery, characterization and in vitro deposition study." is part of an ongoing collaboration with Prof Scalia at the University of Ferrara. Isabella Martignoni was the first author. You can find more about the groups publications here.