SPIRITUS: (01-17) A Monthly update from the Respiratory Technology team at the WIMR.


This is the January 2017 newsletter from the RespiTech Group at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research. As 2017 begins the RespiTech group members begin to ramp up their research program for the new year. Firstly we welcome new members and say goodbye to old members. We say goodbye to Priyanka Shahani who has spent a short stay with the group undertaking a summer scholarship program working in the area of dry powder surface modification for controlling aerosol performance. We also welcome Sandra Grisales, who joins us as a new research assistant. Sandra will work with the group developing innovative microbiology models for the development of innovative anti-fungal formulations for respiratory disorders. 

This month we congratulate Jesse Xu and Mic for awards of their degree. Jesse, undertook a Pharmacology Hons with the group in 2016 focused on receptor expression in the airways and Mick completed his masters degree looking at dry powder formulation and performance enhancing excipients. Well done guys! 

As usual we give an update of publications from the group. This month members of RespiTech had three papers accepted. The first was via a Monash/UK/Sydney collaboration and was accepted in Pharmaceutical Research. The article "Revealing pMDI spray initial conditions: Flashing, atomisation and the effect of ethanol". takes a fundamental look at aerosol plume generation using synchrotron X-ray phase contrast imaging and quantitative radiography. The lead author was Nicholas Mason-Smith at Monash. The second paper was accepted in Clinical Science and was a collaboration with UNSW. The paper was entitled "Allergic environment enhances airway epithelial pro-inflammatory responses to rhinovirus infection". Dr Cristan Herbert from UNSW was first author and Prof Rakesh Kumar was corresponding. The last publication accepted was authored by Mic Lau and focussed on "Co-milled API-Lactose systems for inhalation therapy: impact of magnesium stearate on physico-chemical stability and aerosolization performance" The article was accepted in Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy.

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