SPIRITUS: (11-17) A Monthly update from the Respiratory Technology team at the WIMR.


This is the November 2017 newsletter from the RespiTech Group at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research. 

In November the group attended the Woolcock Student Symposia day. This is an annual event at the Woolcock that promotes research of the Postgraduate students and encourages collaboration between researchers and disciplines. Also this month, members of the team attended the annual Asian Pacific Society of Respirology Conference. Mariam Mamlouk was invited to present her clinical work on CF, patient mucus viscosity and the effectiveness of DNASE. Mariam was awarded best abstract. Well done Mariam! Also this month the group published two articles. The first was a commentary by Giula Ballerin in the Australian Society for Microbioolgy NSW monthly journal. In the article, Giula discuses how we can exploit bacterial lifestyles to treat infectious disease. The second article was by Zara Sheikh in the Journal Expert Opinion on Orphan Drugs. The article was entitle "Is there a role for inhaled anti-inflammatory drugs in cystic fibrosis treatment?" Well done Giula and Zara! You can learn more about RespiTech Journal publications here

Lastly and most importantly, the RespiTech group held their annual Christmas party this month. As usual the team hosted the party on level 5 of the Woolcock Institute and invited friends and collaborators to enjoy dinner, drinks and Secret Santa (this year in high heels!). You can find more about the party and our social events on the RespiTech Facebook and Twitter social media platforms. Please visit, like and follow!