Risk factors & COPD - $20,000

This research project will provide the opportunity to extend and strengthen collaborations within the Respiratory Groups, between Woolcock research groups and external institutions. More specifically, this will include: the Airway Physiology and Imaging Group, WIMR; Translational Airway Group, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), and Bill Walsh Translational Cancer Research Laboratory, KIMR. This will help promote WIMR, KIMR and University’s existing and emerging strengths, and foster relationships with members of other academic institutions and health partners The project will ultimately produce high quality innovative research that will lead to joint publications in leading respiratory journals, raise Woolcock’s research profile and form the basis for wider grant opportunities with increase successes. More importantly, the research will provide vital and direct evidence that are required to establish smoking cessation guidelines by demonstrating the potential harmful or beneficial effects of electronic cigarettes on the respiratory system and ascertain if any links to development COPD exist.