Postgraduate Opportunities

If you are an Australian of New Zealand Resident, and have an undergraduate degree with honour, you may be eligible to undertake a PhD within our group. A few examples of some of our current projects are outlined below. 

    INFEC1 – Respiratory infection is the number one cause of death world-wide with limited therapies other than tablet or intravenous injection. This PhD project will focus on developing inhalable antibiotic therapies that can be used in a developing world setting. You will gain experience in particle engineering, cell biology and aerosol science. A first degree (preferably Hons 1) in science would be advantageous.
    CELL1 – This project is focussed on developing new cell-based tools to study the uptake of drugs after they are deposited in the lung. The outcome of this PhD will result in techniques that can be used to develop a new generation of medicines for treating life-threatening lung diseases. By undertaking this PhD program you will gain skills in the areas of cell and molecular biology, particle engineering and drug delivery. A first degree (preferably Hons 1) in science with some knowledge of cell biology would be advantageous.
    AERO1 – This project focuses on advanced particle engineering technology. You will develop approaches to manufacturing micron-sized particles with defined structure and surface chemistry that can be applied to a range of inhalation devices. A first degree (preferably Hons 1) in science, with a focus on chemistry would be advantageous
    ENG1 – This project focuses on understanding the mechanism of drug aerosolisation from commercial inhaler devices and implements computational approaches and rapid prototyping to develop advanced drug delivery devices. By undertaking this PhD you will gain experience in computational approaches, high-speed imaging and device design. A first degree (preferably Hons 1) in science, with a focus on engineering would be advantageous.

If you are an overseas graduate student we have available projects but you will need to provide evidence of a scholarship or funding to cover your fees and living expenses.

    Employment Opportunities 

    There are currently no post-doctorate or research technician jobs within our group. Please check back in future

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